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Garret is a regular expert guest on popular podcasts to share his insight and experience as a Certified Professional Recovery Coach and as a Thought Leader in the Human Potential Movement. Hosts and listeners love Garret's authenticity and transparency when addressing difficult topics. Garret is most appreciated for the thought-provoking insight and message of empowerment and hope to tens of thousands who have heard him speak. 


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"How can you build something better by only looking at the negatives [in your past]?  If we can identify the positives then these are the things we can leverage to move forward "- Garret Biss  (How Not to Think About Addiction with Dr. Howard Rankin)

"Generally, all of our actions are for us, not against someone else"- Garret Biss (Master Your Mindset with Joyce Rojas)

"I appreciate your advice on how to talk to our loved ones if we identify a pattern of behaviors that may be addicting"- Miriam (Master Your Mindset caller from Puerto Rico)

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