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Books by Garret Biss

First Steps to Thriving in Recovery

FIRST STEPS workbook was designed with one purpose in mind: to bring greater joy and fulfillment into your life while living in recovery. Don't allow the consequences of your past to limit your present and future. Use these simple exercises to start your journey toward a thriving life in addiction recovery. FIRST STEPS will walk you through your first steps to a Thriving Recovery. Learn to begin experiencing a life unchained from the consequences of your past. 

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The Spheres Approach to Happiness and Fulfillment

Award-winning author, Garret Biss, shares remarkable insight about the source of stress and unhappiness in our lives. A 15-year study of personal growth and success led Biss to the revolutionary life approach he shares - one that is certain to help you reveal a happier, more productive and more fulfilled version of you! 

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Charity The Gift of Giving:  The Hidden Benefits of Kindness and Generosity

Learn how the act of giving can help you find greater peace, happiness, and joy in your own life.Inspired by the author's own involvement with charity, this book explores the less obvious benefits of the act of giving - the benefits to the giver. 

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Understanding the New American Dream: Challenges and Benefits of New Urbanism

Cultural development is a dynamic evolution. The reality we experience tomorrow is determined by the ever changing context we are creating today. Through research and reflections, Garret Biss recognizes innovations and circumstances we now experience may propel us to a very different future. Garret explores where the current road is taking us and how we can navigate our personal and investment decisions that will spur action in creating The NEW American Dream. 

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30 Days with Jack Canfield: A Father and Son's Journey Toward Living the Law of Attraction

A Father and Son's Journey Toward Living the Law of Attraction is a personal account of Garret's bond with his Father, Bob Biss through Jack Canfields seminar and training courses with The Law of Attraction. 

Book is unavailable for purchase.

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